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Mark N.

By Mark N.  September 11, 2006


I first saw Dr. Ging in 2001.  My chief complaint was fatigue. Dr. Ging identified the underlying problem as teeth infection and toxins build-up in the colon. After one session of Dr. Ging’s treatment, I noted a difference. I continued Dr. Ging’s treatment and his herbal remedies for one month. It has been a miracle.

My M.D. doctor told me that I would be on those prescriptions for fatigue for the rest of my life. I would have to give up golf, tennis…However, after just a few clinical visits with Dr. Ging, I have regained my health and it has transformed my life in so many ways…

It is not just my physical health; it is difficult for me to put into words:  I feel rejuvenated, energized; my relationship with my wife and my family has improved. My wife and I have rediscovered the value of prayer as a vital means for our spirituality.

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