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Charise H.

I began a journal after seeing Dr. Ging.  My ears were not so purple as I thought they’d be.  I am a side sleeper and the Miracle stuff he rubbed on did the trick.  I slept on both sides w/o any discomfort.  I feel twinges in my body in migrating places, so I KNOW that healing is taking place.  The frown lines between my eyebrows are lessened.  I Feel better than I have felt in a Long Time.  My energy level is better than in years.  For the last several years I would experience the desire to do something but just thinking about it exhausted me.  I could not act on my idea.  I am taking the supplements as directed.  I made the lime/salt water drink and am drinking it daily.  Saturday was the 12th anniversary of my dear Dad’s death.  I found a poem or song that my mother had written saying it perfectly described hers and Dad’s relationship.  I cried hard for about 5 mins.  Then I went outside to be in the sun and fresh air.  I wound up working in the yard for 5 hrs.  The most significant aspect to that even moreso than the physical work was that I was Not undone with grief.  As a matter of fact I received 2 messages on Saturday from Kryon who Lee Carroll channels.  That enforced my emotional healing as well.  I will forward them to you.  This may help anyone who is suffering from grief as I had my whole life.

When I d/c my b/p med the next day I noticed the pressure in my ears.  I drank some of the lime/salt water, it went away.  I have not had any other b/p symptoms.  I woke 3 mornings in a row w/ a headache which was bad enough that I would have taken aspirin or ibuprofen.  Instead I drank the lime/salt water.  Headache disappeared.

I felt excited enough to go to a party with my husband and some of his coworkers.  I danced! WITH plenty of spring in my step!

I am also soaking my feet at night before bed in hot water, epsom salts, rice vinegar and lavender.  Then I go to bed.  Some nights I have slept through the night.

I would not call it miraculous YET, but it is getting close.  I am expecting that to be so in short order.

I am telling my friends about Dr. Ging.  I have school teacher friends who will see him when he is back in town after school lets out.

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