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Linda C.

I had spent two wonderful weeks in China in April of 2008. By the end of May, I was covered in a hive like rash that was relentless; I spent much time and money in an attempt to find the cause. To that end, I saw several physicians in the Emergency Room of Newman Hospital in Emporia, Kansas and Cape Fear’s Emergency Room in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I also visited numerous doctors and nurse practitioners in various Emporia medical practices for my health issues. I consulted allergy specialists in Topeka and Wichita, Kansas. Physicians, allergy specialists and nurse practitioners collectively had done their best to solve my medical mystery. Since conventional medical practitioners were not able to find the cause, they simply tried to keep me comfortable. Over time; however, I felt worse and worse. The very medicine I had begged for to give me peace, was working against me. My health was getting worse, I blamed it on aging. I was puzzled as to why I was getting old so soon. Eventually, it got to the point that a nap was necessary after a two store shopping trip. I loved to travel and liked to drive but was afraid to do so alone. As the days went by, my energy was low and I felt tired all the time.

When the blood work was evaluated at Mayo Clinic and came back negative I was at my lowest. My resolve was the only thing that was strong. I had always felt that whatever had happened to my health was attributable to my trip to China. I was sure that if I could find a Chinese doctor, they would know what to do. I asked my Chiropractor joking if he knew a Chinese doctor. He said, no, but he mentioned that one of his patients and her husband saw a Chinese doctor in Melissa, Texas. He gave me her phone number; I called and left her a message. One morning she returned my call to say she had talked with Dr. Ging on my behalf and he wanted me to have his cell phone number. I called and as soon as I described my major symptoms he began to mention the minor ones. I knew he could help me!

My friend and I drove to Texas where I spent 4 days as an outpatient in Dr. Ging’s clinic in Melissa. Dr. Ging knew right away the cause of my problem. It started with polluted drinking water and peanuts that contained fungus that I had consumed in China. It was further compounded with the medicine and treatments I had been given that compromised my liver and other organs. After the first treatment on Thursday night, I instantly felt much better. Next morning, my friend and I went to Texas Motor Speedway to watch qualifying and practice. I walked over 5 miles. After three more days of treatments, my health was significantly improved. I left Texas for Emporia with exhilarating spirit and renewed hope that I shall regain my health.

Dr. Ging is a compassionate Christian healer. He earned his master degree from Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas and earned his Ph. D. in integration of Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine in China. He cares about his patients and even makes follow-up phone calls. I am thrilled to have found relief in a short period of time. My friends are glad to see my bountiful energy and optimistic outlook return. Dr. Christopher Ging saved my life. He found that my legs were clogged with blood clots. He removed more than 20 blood clots that I was unaware I had.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ging to anyone; he will find the cause of your problem and help you regain your health.

Linda C.

January 20th, 2010

Emporia, Kansas

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