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Ernie H.

Dr. Ging:

Both my wife and I want to thank you for all the help you have given us over the past few years, we are eternally grateful and really do not know what we would have done without your treatments and genuine concern.  In this letter we have included three different scenarios where we both have benefited greatly from your expertise.

I noticed a red bump on the right side of my groin region; it was as big as a nickel.  I watched it grew larger and larger from week to week and became very concerned.  My wife finally decided that I should have my primary care physician examine it and get his opinion.  After examining me, my M.D. stated he did not know what was causing it and referred me to a local surgeon here in Kansas.  I visited the surgeon and he said he was not sure what caused the bump but he suggested that it be surgically removed.  I accepted his recommendation and scheduled the surgery to coincide with my return from a trip to Dallas, Texas.

While in Texas, I decided to schedule a visit. After a brief examination you informed me the bump was caused by a spider bite and it needed immediate attention to remove the venom, puss and blood clots so the healing process could begin.  After four treatments with you, all the bad stuff was removed from the foci that had traveled deep into my leg.  We then returned to Emporia, Kansas.  Within a few days my leg was completely healed and I canceled the scheduled surgery.

I am very blessed I came to see you before I had the surgery done.  I now understand after my consultation with you that if I had completed the recommended surgery it would have sealed the venom into my body, traveled deeper into my knee, leg and foot; eventually affecting my heart and could have resulted in my death.

Early part of 2009, I had multiple discolored bumps on my head that were causing me great concern.  Your unique herbal remedy “Liver Balancer Formula” was prescribed to treat the bumps.  I took the “Liver Balancer Formula” capsules daily for a few months; amazingly, all the lumps fell off one day while I was taking a shower.  They have not returned since!

My husband, Ernie, has suffered from Parkinson Disease for more than 20 years.  The prescription “L-Dopa” was no longer effective at diminishing his severe tremors that disrupted his driving, walking and other normal daily activities.   In October, 2009, Dr. Ging prescribed two of his unique herbal remedies; one was to be sprayed on his tongue and the other to be taken internally to treat his Parkinson Disease.  My husband had an absolutely miraculous improvement with his uncontrollable tremors.  His energy is back, he can now complete daily tasks such as; mowing our lawn, washing our car and completing very delicate and intricate jewelry work that we both love and enjoy doing together.

Every time we visit you with a health concern, you are able to detect the root causes of our physical ailment and fix it within a short period of time.  Dr. Ging you are a compassionate and effective doctor.  We both appreciate that you make sure we understand the true pathology that undermines our health.

Ruby & Ernie

February 15th, 2010

Emporia, Kansas

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