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Joshua F.

Joshua F. was born 16 Jan 1981.  Mom noticed right away there was something significantly wrong with him, however, his pediatrician argued with her saying he was just a big baby (11lbs. 2 oz.) And was slow reaching his milestones.  Joshua was her second child, the first son was also a big baby (9lbs. 4oz.) So mom searched until she found a neonatologist (he was 15 mos. Old) who concurred with her that he had neorological issues and was referred immediately to Texas Children’s Hospital’s Meyer Developmental Clinic and the chief pediatric neurologist, where, after 3 weeks of thorough testing, the clinicians diagnosed him as moderately mentally retarded, indicating he most likely would never walk or talk and she should consider institutionalizing him.

That did not happen. Mom found project keep pace (a federally funded program) for infant stimulation and once he reached three years of age, he entered the public school system in the early childhood program.  Joshua remained in the public school system through his 23rd birthday, being educated in the applied skills program with other mentally challenged individuals who could not read or write.  He was thoroughly tested at 9 years of age by a neuropsychologist and was discovered to have a genius IQ in his visual spacial lobe and auditory processing, all on his right brain, with significant issues on his left brain with sequential learning and fine motor skills.  His diagnosis remained as static encephalopathy until 2009.  His diagnosis changed to olivopontocerebellar atrophy through treatment by another neurologist.  Joshua was born with intension tremors and they continued to increase in intensity until he began having seizures.

On 30 July 2013, Joshua received a three hour treatment – his first of five.  When he stood from the table, his posture was straight (he suffered with poor trunkal motor issues his entire life) which was the first thing Joshua noticed about himself. Then Dr. Ging had him extend his arms and the lifelong tremors were gone.  As Joshua walked around the room, he was standing erect, walking with a normal gait and, for the first time ever, walked heal to toe.  When we returned home he listened to his television and stereo at much lower volume settings – just as Dr. Ging predicted indicating that his hearing and visual acuity would be sharper because his treatment cleared the neuropathways in his brain allowing the two sides to communicate more accurately. Dr. Ging indicated that Joshua would no longer need his seizure medication. Upon clarification with his neurologist, he has been off his medication since august 2012 and seizure free.

Joshua continued to see Dr. Ging monthly for hourly acupuncture appointments.  With each treatment, Joshua’s symptoms continued to diminish or disappear all together.  After the fourth visit Joshua began reading better; reading more complete sentences and expressing himself more concisely. After searching the entire medical network in Houston since Joshua was 18 months old, we found everything and more that we were looking for to benefit Joshua.

Claudia F. – Mother to Joshua F. – 16 Feb 2013

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