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Charlene O.

My husband, George, and I spent many years in Brazil as Baptist missionaries, he as a minister and area missionary and I as a homemaker, principal of a school and teacher.  When we returned to the States, George became associate pastor of a church in Dallas, and I taught English-As-A-Second-Language ESL for the Duncanville Schools.

We had a yearly medical checkup with a doctor at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.  He was an excellent diagnostician as he had me undergo a CT scan.  The results showed that I had pancreatic cancer; I was given 6-8 months to live.  An operation was not recommended, but my internist found a surgeon who would operate.  Early in the morning, on the day of the operation, George read this scripture to me found in Psalms 77:14, “O God your ways are holy, where is there any other as mighty as you?  You are the God of miracles and wonders!  You shall demonstrate your awesome power.”  We rested upon that scripture and made our way to the hospital.

After many months of chemotherapy (I had a marvelous team of doctors), a lot of determination on my part to survive, a good diet and exercise, I continued to lose weight as well as my hair, but my strength gradually began to return.  I began having severe pain—day and night—in my back.  The doctor said that it was cancer related.  A scripture that helped at this time was Psalms18:16-17, “The strong right arm of the Lord has done glorious things!  I will not die, but I will live to tell what the Lord has done.”

When I was unable to take any more chemotherapy, I went to the Surgeon to have a Port/catheter removed, and while I was there, he suggested that I find a Chinese doctor who would give me treatment with herbs and acupuncture.  He had a Chinese patient who had been treated successfully in this manner.  We prayed for the Lord to lead us to the right doctor.  A young Taiwanese business couple in our church gave us the name of a Christian Chinese doctor, Dr. Christopher Ging, who had an office in Arlington, Texas.  He had treated the wife of this couple with acupuncture and, after several months of treatment, she was able to get pregnant.

Dr. Ging gave me herbs along with a suggestion of a diet, and acupuncture in the area of my back where I had the severe pain.  The pain soon went away thanks to the treatment and God!  Dr. Ging had done research for Baylor Hospital, and I told my oncologist about him.  They worked together on my treatment.  I soon had another severe pain in a different part of my back, and once again, Dr. Ging gave me acupuncture with the same results as before.

Isaiah 38:16-20 says, “Lord your discipline is good, for it leads to life and health.  You have restored my health and have allowed me to live!  Yes, it was good for me to suffer this anguish, for you have rescued me from death and have forgiven all my sins.  For the dead cannot praise you; they cannot raise their voices in praise.  Only the living can praise you as I do today.  Think of it—the Lord has healed me.  I will sing His praises.

We are so grateful to Dr. Ging and his wonderful healing ministry.  We have recommended several people to consult with him for treatment—even a lady from Tennessee traveled to Arlington to seek his help.  The oncologist had his nurse to call me recently to get Dr. Ging’s number as he had a patient who wished to try an alternative treatment.

My husband and I are very grateful for Dr. Ging and his treatment for my cancer.  Eight years have passed, and as the oncologist told me on a recent visit to his office, “You are healed of pancreatic cancer!”  God is good and worthy to be praised!  My husband, George, has also had treatment with Dr. Ging for a lower back pain.

If you wish to contact me for further information about Dr. Christopher Ging, feel free to ring me at:  469-742-0940,

Thank you, Charlene O.

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