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Carol J.

Dear Dr. Ging,

Thank you so much for sending me the Oral Health tooth powder and Extra Strength Oral Health tablets.  I had been taking Ibuprofen for the aching pain in a back molar and a second tooth nearby had just developed some pain and swelling at the base.  It was sensitive if I pushed on my chin underneath it.  As soon as the Oral Health arrived, I took the tablets, rubbed the powder at the base of the sore teeth, and, for good measure, placed a small amount of powder in strips of empty tea bags and wrapped them around the base of each tooth and left them in place.  At night I repeated the dosing and left the powder filled strips in place all night.  I haven’t had to use pain killers once during treatment.  Today is day seven.

My dentist had recommended trying Oral Health several years ago when I was in danger of losing that same back molar.  It saved my tooth then, also.  I will never be without Oral Health again.

Thanks again,
Carol J.
Eagle Point, OR

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