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Sound and Deep Sleep Program

Deep Sleep Program

You spend at least one-third of your lifetime asleep. Sound sleep is Each human being spend at least one-third of their lifetime for sleep. Sound and deep sleep is the foundation for health, the most valuable investment among all the healthcare programs; it is imperative for your vital health. Without sound and deep sleep through the night, your health will inevitably be compromised, even if you institute wonderful dietary, nutritional and exercise modifications, or prescriptions. Therefore, Place primary emphasis on deep sleep and go to bed early by or before 9:30 p.m. which is the foundation of vital health and the best medicine for weight control, energy enhancement, source of peace and joy, blood viscosity, fatty liver, and balance of cholesterol-blood pressure- blood sugar. Chi-Qong breathing exercise, meditation, physical exercise, diet change, nutrition, the food supplement and prescription are in futile until an adequate NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) deep sleep is achieved. In a nutshell, without a sound and deep sleep, nothing works.

To help deep sleep, it is a sound practice to soak the feet one hour before bedtime To soak the feet, simply fill a dish pan or Foot Spa with hot water, 3 tablespoons of Epsom salt, fresh ginger root tea, vinegar, 3 drops (1/8 tsp) of lavender oil for 25 minutes at 8:30 p.m. Shortly after foot soak, go to bed. Do not watch TV or work. It is expected that you may get sweat while soaking the feet. For those who have cold feet, you may add fresh ginger root tea or fagara (Chinese red pepper) to the hot water to make your foot-soak session more rewarding. For those who have athlete feet/fungi toe nails, it is recommended that OzoneMate water be used to soak with Her-Show fragrant herb and hot water for 25 minutes before bedtime.

How do you know that you have enjoyed a deep sleep through the night? Upon rising, you shall feel fully rested, recharged and renewed; you feel so good that you are able to jump out of the bed quickly and shout with exhilarating spirit, “Hallelujah! I am ready for the day.” You work jubilantly through the day until the sunset without coffee, caffeinated soda drink, green tea or sugar foods.

What are the primary underlying causes of sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders may include: difficulty falling asleep, sleep apnea, light sleep, waking up frequently during the night et

1. Lack of Sunlight. Sunlight is able to elevate your serotonin level, which in turn can be converted into melatonin after sunset.

2. Lack of love nourishment.

3. Vitamin deficiencies such as magnesium malate, Vitamin D and/or Calcium.

4. Mind racing. Beta brain frequency revealed in the electroencephalogram is high.
It could be as high as 2 million hertz per second.

5. Irregular colon movement such as constipation, diarrhea or hemorrhoids.

6. Gastric disorders such as excessive gas, bloating after eating, reflux, and gastric pain.

7. pH is low (acidic): burning sensation in the stomach, feet hot, night sweat or get sweaty easily due to liver or gall bladder releases lots of heat to the body.

8. Depressed oxygen in the hemoglobin due to work long, stressful hours.

9. Emotional stress such as worry, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, performance orientation, jealousy, rejection, guilt, shame, suppression of speech, hardness of the heart, broken heart, lack of love and more.

10. Spiritual attack.

11. Teeth problems such as amalgam (mercury) fillings, bracelet is too tight, root canals and abscesses. Teeth are connected to at least 14 meridians, the automatic nervous system and various organ functions.

12. Visceral imbalance such as kidney water and heart fire is out of balance; Kidney water and Liver tree is out of balance.

13. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction such as high blood pressure, migraine headache, hot flushes, fell chill and hot in rotation.

14. Pain (cancer pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and itching) causing depression and agitation the central nervous system.

Regimen and Healthy Life Style for sound and deep sleep

• Check your pH value daily before breakfast

• Raw walnuts is more than a brain food; it also helps asthma, cough, excessive phlegm and excrete out the kidney/gall bladder stones, improve prostate health and reduce white hairs 12 pieces of raw walnuts boil with 2 cups of water for 2 minutes; then, low boil for 8 minutes; mix with 1 cup of oatmeal for breakfast; it is good for prostate health, short memory and sound sleep. Or you may take a handful of raw walnuts between meals, 3 times daily.

• Lotus (15 pieces) with half-cup of Pearl Barley (Yi-Mi grain) and 10 dehydrated Chinese red Chinese Red Dates. Boil with 4 cups (8 oz.) of water; then low boil (small bubbles) for 30 minutes until the lotus are softened. Add some honey. Eat one to two bowls for breakfast and after supper, two times daily. It is good for sleep and male potency.

• Heart Nourishment Formula

• Argin Pearl Powder

• Trypto Formula

• Magnesium Malate before breakfast and bedtime

• If you have hot flashes, gastric reflux, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, high blood sugar, it is recommended that Liver Balancer Formula be taken along with Stomach Energy Formula.

• Stone Acupuncture treatment on the lower back\

• E tone acupressure

• Go to bed early, no later than 10:00 p.m. In order to be relaxed, soak the feet with hot water for 15 minutes with sea salt and lavender oil shortly before the bedtime.

• Radical Forgiveness prayer and affirmation prayer

Stretch, Ana-aerobic Chi-Qong Energy Exercise for deep sleep

• Stretch Exercise
(a) Rainbow Bridge posture (using legs and hands to raise and bend the abdomen as a rainbow bridge);
(b) Spread the feet as wide as you can in a sitting position; then the fingers touch the toes.

• Regular aerobic exercise such as swimming, trampoline, treadmill, dancing in the morning while practicing stretch and ana-aerobic Sunlight Chi-Qong breathing exercise in the evening or one hour before bedtime.

• Practice Tiger Rising-Up push-ups 60 times in the morning or one hour before bedtime.

• Using right palm to massage the bottom of the left foot for 5 minutes; left palm to massag bottom of the right foot for five minutes. Spouse can help each other to massage the bottom of the feet for your counterpart that would help marriage life.

• It is very enjoyable to tune-in (listening) the rhythm of your breathing, pulsing and abdominal aorta throbbing while lying down on the bed. Slow down your breathing with nostril and listen to your breathing would induce you into deep sleep.

• Covering and pressing the back of the ears with the left palm and the right palm; then, use the right middle finger to tap the left middle and index finger for 3 minutes, dong-dong-dong drum sound that is “heavenly drumming” sound. It would help your hearing loss, tinnitus

and sound sleep.

• Raise the palm and stick the middle finger into the ear hole; then, turn 45 degree clockwise. Push, pull and shake the tip of the middle finger few times. You shall hear the “heavenly drumming”. Practice for 3 minutes each session, morning and evening. It helps hearing loss and tinnitus.

• Another way to play the “heavenly Drum” Hold the back of your head and cover the back of ear with palms while overlapping (placing) the right index finger onto the left middle finger. Use the right index finger (2nd finger) to tap the left middle finger 3 times, then pause for 2 seconds, repeat such tapping for 36 times.

When you have more time, practice the following powerful Chi-Qong exericse:

1. Send the Chi from Bai-Hei (top of head point) to the perineum point by breathing.

2. Start Sunlight Feast Chi-gong at sunrise or sunset (desirably at sunrise from 6:30 p.m. to 8:45 a.m.) for 2 minutes; gradually increase to 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes. (see the instruction on Sunlight Feast exercise)

3. Calming down the heart energy and get outgoing heart back to you by gazing the middle finger for 10 minutes while overlapping the palms – praying posture.

4. It is a sound practice to eliminate one hour before bedtime even if you do not feel urge for elimination. To quicken the elimination: Take a deep breath; then, hold the breath and send the breath down to the abdomen perceiving the breath energy spinning clockwise slowly until you out of breath. Repeat 5-15 minutes. It is imperative that you should have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day starting the early morning – one hour after rising up.

5. Bai-Hwei -Anal breathing While sitting, perceive a light energy flowing from heaven down to the top of the head (Bai-Hwei acupuncture point). Suck and breathe in such pure light energy into the occipital bone, oblongata, neck, spine, lumbar and sacrum into the anus and hold it as long as you can. Repeat for 15-30 minutes.

6. Yin-Yang Chi-Qong While closing the eyes, set your mind on the third-eye and command the energy to spin around the third eye. When the Yang-Heat energy is intensified, you shall see a purple light shooting from the third eye to the belly button. Use your mind to receive such a healing purple light into your belly button. Few more weeks, you may sense such healing purple light (Yang-Heat energy) begin vibrating and traveling from right to left and left to right around the belly button; you may enjoy the lightening of Yin and Yang spark around the belly button as lightening in the sky. Few more weeks later, you may see the black toxic energy shooting from belly button traveling upward to the third-eye; it would gradually be dispersed and turned into pure white cloud (pure Yang energy).

7. Fetus breathing (abdominal breathing) Exhale as much as you can first; then inhale deeply.

Hold just inhale energy in the chest for 3 seconds; then, command it to sink down to the abdomen-colon region with your mind.

While you are holding the breath, command the energy just sunk down to spin clock wisely. You shall feel very relax. While enjoying the clockwise spinning energy around the abdomen, you perceive you are able to use the skin pores as a means for breathing. When you cannot hold the breath anymore you may breathe out. Practice before bedtime for 10-30 minutes.


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