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CHI – Phontonic Life Vitality Force

Unlock the Puzzle of Why You are Still Sick Unfold the Secret of Reverse Aging and Rejuvenation Offer An Alternative Solution to Chronic & Terminal Disease

After reading this article, you would learn:

  1. What is kinetic Chi?
  2. How can kinetic Chi impact cardiovascular system, blood pressure and disease process?
  3. Functions of Chi.
  4. Chi Enhancement Techniques.

Life is a matter of Chi (photonic life vitality force). It is between the physical and spiritual potential energy in the form of photon, carrying frequency wave and crystal particles which is able to store in the blood vessel wall, collagen (raw materials to make smooth muscles), cells, organs and meridian

and acupuncture points as potential electrical current to flow through the system. When the human body is deficient in Chi it is analogous to a car with a flat tire. The body would immediately lose its life vitality and become disabled.

Upon creating man out of the dust, God breathed His holy breath (Pneuma Chi) into man’s nostril; instantly man became a live-giving-soul, able to walk, see, think, analyze, receive and enjoy all the riches of God… In order to keep life flowing in the body as a fresh-flow spring in the mountain flowing freely, it is required that kinetic energy imbeded in the fuel or solid food be converted into potential energy (Chi). Human being is top cream of God’s creation. There is no doubt that we are wonderfully and intelligently made; Chi invisible flowing as an electrical current in the body and Chi storage in the blood vessel wall and various part of the body as potential energy to balance complex biochemical functions are central themes of the body intelligence and miracles. When the body Chi is out of equilibrium, either deficient or in excess, it indicates the earliest sign of disease development which would lead to infection, excessive phlegm, burning heat or feel chilled all the time, pain/numb/itch sensation, blood clots, sluggish blood circulation, fatigue, low pH (acidic body), easy to catch cold, allergies all year around, ischemia, difficult to breathe, heart palpitation, fibrillation gastric distension, weight loss/gain, tissue necrosis and short memory loss.

In a nutshell, Chi is like a pump of a swimming pool. It pumps regularly generating vibrational rhythm which causes the heart to dilate and contract, producing ample cardiac output (determined by electrical current and electrical pressure) and propelling blood circulation carrying oxygen to the remotest parts of the body, to the little toe. When Chi becomes debilitated, inadequate cardiac output makes the heart keep pumping and palpitating (fast heart rate), leading to myriad symptoms beyond high blood pressure and visceral ischemia (oxygen deficiency), including: fatigue, shortness of breath plus toxic build-up within the blood vessels and connective tissues.

The spleen and pancreas have a direct impact on producing abundant Chi (vibrational rhythm). Abundant Chi reduces the impedance of blood vessels, facilitating and regulating the dilation and contraction of the heart for efficient cardiac output.

In addition to the Spleen and Pancreas, the Urinary Bladder (UB) Meridian plays a vital role in producing efficient cardiac output and helping the heart to transport the blood to the organs via the ganglions on the sympathetic nerve chains. The acupuncture points of the UB Meridian are overlaid with two sympathetic nerve chains along the spinal cord. The sympathetic nerve chain carries many ganglions, each of which corresponds to a number of organs and its dedicated blood supply. Therefore, stimulating the acupuncture points of the UB Meridian on the dorsum facilitates the ganglions to regulate the blood supply to its corresponding organs more effectively than adrenalin.

The Chi diagnosis is far more sensitive and accurate than MRI, CT, blood work, and other conventional tests such as liver/kidney function test. The most phenomenal merit of Chi diagnosis is to detect the underlying root causes of a disease in thevery early stage of disease development before the clinical manifestations become evident. The Chi diagnosis is accurate, effective and economical, yet without spending thousand thousand of dollars on various test after test, yet still not able to identify the underlying root of causes of a disease. The Health Reform in America should start with Chi Diagnosis to identify the root causes of a disease and treatment protocols which would prevent the Medicare/Medicaid from bankruptcy and save billions of dollars on unnecessary tests and surgeries every year. The Chi diagnosis according to TCM (Traditionl Chinese Medicine) have been practiced and validated for more than 4,000 years; it is done through the observation of facial, tongue, eye, ear, teeth, lip and skin color (all colors are manifested in different frequency), Six Primary Meridian Chi Screening, Triple-Burner Screening, Digestive Chi-Defensive Chi-Blood Screening, and Viscera Chi Screening.

Chi is an impetus to cardiovascular circulation

Chi resulting from kinetic contraction to potential energy (stored energy) is able to store in the blood vessel wall as a relay to cardiovascular circulation. Cardiac kinetic energy and stored potential energy can be converted into each other to insure cardiac contraction/ dilation and strong blood circulation unceasingly.

Chi is a resonant vibration rhythm (Phase wave). The heart is like a drum. Upon beating a drum by the hand, kinetic energy generated from the drum instantly goes through a frequency Phase change represented as a small resistance sound-wave which may ripple through miles away. Likewise, upon contracting the heart, kinetic energy generated instantly undergoes a Phase (wave) change to low electrical current (Chinese call Chi) at the 180-degree arch of the ascended aorta. You may call such low electrical current as potential energy which is able to be stored in the blood vessels as a relay to propel the blood in the ascended aorta antegrade (flow forward) toward the extremities, then, flow back to the heart via the aid of venous valves which prevents retrograde (flow backward) blood flow.

Four thousand years ago, it is amazing that a Chinese medicine researcher found that Dai-Chung acupuncture point of Conception Meridian is coincidentally located right onto the arch of the 180-degree ascended aorta where the cardiac Chi energy is concentrated, converged, and where cardiac electrical Phase (wave) change to low electrical current is taking place. It is an incredible discovery that kinetic energy pumped by the heart is almost exhausted when it bumps into arch of 180- degree ascended aorta; more amazing is that it is converted to electrical potential energy stored in the blood vessel wall as a relay to convert back to kinetic energy so that the blood vessel is able to be elastically dilated and contracted unceasingly for delivering the blood to the distant upper and lower extremities, and even the entire cardiovascular system.

Just like electric generator dispensing the electricity to the end user, it uses low electric current with high pressure; likewise, the heart uses low blood current with high blood pressure to convey the blood throughout the entire cardiovascular system. Chi as a vibration resonant rhythm, low electrical current insures that the blood pumped from the heart is able to deliver to every facet of the body. Further, its constant vibration nature keeps the blood flowing and prevents the blood from being coagulated. If the patients have suffered from chronic pain and/or other chronic diseases, they tend to have ischemia which may form blood clots in the thigh/legs/feet region.

Chloride, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen carries chemical Chi. Chi also indicates food smell (fragrance Chi or foul Chi) and emotional frequency (those who have depressed Chi speak with grief while people who have abominated Chi speak like a skunk).

Chi is a binary system, constantly seeking for equilibrium and harmony. Yin-Chi spins counter-clockwise producing negative charged electricity while Yang Chi spins clockwise producing positive charged electricity. Yin and Yang Chi are analogous to a young man falling in love with a young lady; they are constantly in romance, reproducing life energy for reproduction, regeneration, rejuvenation and renewing.

Chi is invisible; however, it does exit. All visible things are created by the invisible Chi waves. Fourteen meridians and acupuncture points are the pathways for Chi to flow through to support the function of cell-tissue-organ-system.

As a resonant vibration rhythm pumped from the heart, she is able to reproduce another resonant rhythm as her child. Since Chi is a resonant rhythm, it forms a certain shape and carries frequency/energy and is able to travel, vibrate, echo, amplify and correspond. Shape (morphology) is a physical manifestation of a resonant rhythm (people with big eyes are more emotional than people with small eyes; people with thick lip are more hospitable and affectionate than those with thin lips). According to the laws of mathematics, resonant rhythm starts with low frequency, then develops into high frequency, just like musical notes are developed from a low frequency note to the highest frequency note. Our human organ development process follows the same law. When the human heart pumps the blood into the aorta, it generates a resonant rhythm (child of the heart), shaped just like liver, brings the liver into being; from the liver resonant rhythm, it generates kidney resonant rhythm, shaped like kidney and brings the kidney into being. From kidney resonant rhythm, it generates spleen/pancreas, lung, stomach, gall bladder, urinary bladder, large intestine, triple-burner, small intestine, and pericardium heart resonant rhythm.

In other words, when the heartbeat vibrates once, the liver would vibrates two times, the kidney 3 times, spleen 4 times, lung 5 times, stomach 6 times, gall bladder 7 times, urinary bladder 8 times, large intestine 9 times, three-burner 10 times, small intestine 11 times.

The softer the tissue is, the lower the frequency, meaning longer wavelength and higher energy.

The liver resonant rhythm carries the lowest frequency (the longest wavelength and highest energy) among 12 viscera while the small intestine carries the highest frequency (the shortest wave and the lowest energy). The liver, kidney, spleen and lung are constituted with soft and solid tissues, carrying the low frequency (higher energy) while the stomach, gall bladder, urinary bladder, large/ small intestine are hollow and harder tissues, carrying high frequency (lower energy).

My thirty years of clinical experiences has indicated that in many instances the underlying root causes of kidney disease may not be attributable to the kidney; actually the liver may be the culprit since the resonant frequency of the kidney comes from that of the liver. When the liver is sick, due to fatty liver or portal vein blockage, it fails to generate harmonic resonant rhythm and transmit adequate blood supply to the kidney (the liver child) that could be the underlying root cause of kidney disease.

There are a variety of Chi harmonic spectrums, serving unique functions. It provides functional energy to defend the body, breakdown, digest and assimilate the food, nourish/lubricate the body, insure undisrupted blood circulation and breathing and reproduction and regeneration. Each organ has a unique Chi to perform a unique function to the organ. For instance, liver Chi ascends to the eye and temple area to help vision and cure headache, working with pancreas and spleen to breakdown and assimilate food and regulate the Chi circulation preventing food going up causing hiatus hernia.

Function of Chi:

  1. It is a photon light energy for life. It warms you up when you are chilled.
  2. It upholds and solidifies you as your organs are prolapse or excessively softened.
  3. It transforms the food, nutrient into energy; distills the body waste water into urine or stool
  4. It defends your body from chemical, environmental, microbiological (critters) attack.
  5. It is like a pump, promoting the blood flow throughout the body.
  6. It hatches out the egg, makes life grow and brings it to full manifestation.
  7. It keeps you sharp and sober and strong.
  8. Uplifting the tissues/organs of the body, preventing from prolapsing such as uteri prolapsus, ani prolapsus and recti prolapsus.
  9. Biochemical conversion of a biochemical substrate to another. For example, lipidase enzyme is a type of Chi that is able to breakdown the fat into fatty acids and the food into fuels for energy.
  10. Pump the blood from the heart to the aorta and bring about uninterrupted cardio vascular circulation throughout the body. Cardiovascular circulation is not a straight-line flow, like swimming pool water flowing out to pump for filtering, then, back to the pool. Cardiovascular circulation is more like electrical flow using phase energy conversion as a means to elevate electrical pressure while maintaining low electrical current (electrical output = electrical current X electrical pressure). The working mechanism that the blood in the cardiovascular system flows into the organ is through the resonant rhythm produced from the heart. As the resonant rhythm is intensified, it elevates

    the blood pressure which tightens the blood vessel and squeezes the blood into the organ as a gardening hose shoots out water.

It is impossible for a slow heart beat to produce high blood pressure.

When the blood pressure is raised up a little bit, it would tighten the blood vessels. For those who have high blood pressure symptoms, their blood vessels tend to be tightened all the time. As a result, the blood vessels become hardened, fragile, deformed and eventually broken to bleed.

Therefore, it is imperative that resonant rhythm has to be maintained between the heart and blood pressure within the blood vessel. Therefore, the heart has to keep pumping at a regular pace constantly to maintain resonant rhythm for producing adequate blood pressure which tightens the blood vessels and allows the blood shooting into the organ. When diastolic pressure is too low due to the kidney and heart excommunication and/or venous/lymphatic blockage, it would bring down the resonant rhythm produced by the heart. A weak resonant rhythm cannot maintain adequate blood pressure within a blood vessel. If the blood pressure within blood vessels is weak, the blood by no means can be squeezed into the organ. The organ, then would suffer itching/pain in the early stage; numbness and atrophy in the advanced stage. Therefore, the resonant rhythm produced by the heart for maintaining adequate blood pressure is the key for the heart to supply the blood into the organ. Not much blood in the cardiovascular system enters the organ; most of the blood flows back to the aorta through veins and A-V shunt to strengthen the heart producing resonant rhythm to interact with the organs.

An acupuncture meridian loaded with many acupuncture points is like a spring hook up with artery, vein and organs. When you pull the spring of a meridian, the resonant rhythm can be vibrated through artery network and the related organs as a vasopressin. Acupuncture points are also surrounded with abundant nerve fibers and interconnected with capillaries of artery and veins, serving as a vasopressin. Therefore, insertion of a needle on a certain acupuncture point would open up artery, vein and organ blood circulation, release the toxins and endorphins; therefore, acupuncture is effective in relieving the itch/pain/numbness symptoms and muscular atrophy.

Three Vital Chi Points Working As One Entity to Monitor and Control the Body Function:

Body energy flow can be analogous to an oblong football. The Chi energy is concentrated and converged in the acupuncture point of Yi-Tong (located in the third eye, Dai-Chong (mid-point of two nipples), and Quan-Yan (located 3 inches under the navel.) Three vasopressin focal points are three but work as one entity. The characteristics of these focal points is that when the resonance frequency generated by the heart, is converged in the Dai-Chong focal point, then, from Dai-Chong focal point, it travels to the other two focal points. It is like a ball, pitching among the three focal points. If one of three focal points is weakened, it would weaken the Chi flow of the other focal points. For example, if the Chi energy in the brain supposed to supply to Dai-Chong focal point is exhausted due to the emotional stress, the Dai-Chong would result in inadequate Chi; inadequate Dai-Chong focal point would weaken the Chi energy in the Quan-Yan (under the navel) affecting abdominal energy flow – male potency of man and libido of women.

Biochemical Related Disease:

Sluggish blood circulation or fast blood sinking rate (thick blood) indicates advanced stage of a disease development, which could lead to high blood pressure, arrhythmia, stroke, coma, fatigue, itch/pain, PMS and early menopause.

Chi stagnation can cause small amount of blood clots. When Chi stagnation is not treated in time, it could lead to sluggish blood circulation or blood blockage, which would yield large chunk and heavy amount of blood clots causing numerous chronic disease such as autoimmune disease.

Total output                 = Electric Current                X Electric pressure
Total Blood Output    = (low) Blood Current        X (high) Blood Pressure

Yoga/hibernation        lowers the blood pressure

Concerning Chi:

Chi equivalent as Greek word – pneuma; it is a spiritual frequency, a vital life force able to trigger many body functions; therefore it can regulate physical and psychological beings. It exists in the form of air, breath, fire, wisdom, and spirit. It is indispensable life-giving power. Without chi, the body will suffer inertia, excessive toxins accumulation, vulnerable to be sick, and hypothermic. As a result, enzymatic reactions and body biochemistry cannot be activated and the body becomes lifeless.

Human Chi can be detected in fourteen meridian pathways (an inner closed network system) by Electro Dermal Screening computing system. Each meridian pathway is like an inner closed network highway having many entrances and exits to allow the traffic (Chi) to freely branch out or connect to other highways. Fourteen meridian pathways (7 pairs) travel and circulate through the whole body in the following the sequence:

Lung meridian ? Large Intestine m. ? Spleen meridian  ?  Stomach meridian ?

Heart meridian ? Small Intestine  ?  Kidney meridian  ?  Urine Bladder m.  ?

Epicardium m. ? Triple Warmer  ? Liver meridian  ?  Gall Bladder   ? Governor m.

? Conception (Ren) m..     ? back to Lung meridian as an inner closed network system.

Liver and Heart meridians closely work with the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular circulation system.

Liver, Triple Warmer, and kidney meridians closely work with endocrine glands system.

Lung, Liver and spleen meridians closely work with the immune system and energy metabolism.

Kidney meridian holds the power of adrenal function, ovary function, prostate function, reproduction function, prostate, urine bladder function.

Function of Chi:

  1. Gently warming up the body
  2. Defensive – enhance the immunity performance and shield the body and skin pores from being attacked by chemical and environmental pathogens
  3. Solidify – prevent the tissues/organs in the lower body such as uterus, ovary, anus, stomach from being dropped, and penis/vagina from being shrunk
  4. Evaporation (Chi-Hwa) – (a) To push the venous blood to flow upward to the brain for nutrition reutilization via Kidney Chi evaporation so that the nutrition in the venous blood can be reutilized by metabolism. (b) To compress the poison gas/waste products into liquid to be excreted out by the bladder.

We are in the midst of medicinal revolution. It took four thousand years for Chinese to find three hundred sixty-one acupuncture points. In Dr. Voll’s lifetime, he found another 1,050 acupuncture points. Dr. Doug Leber, an inventor of COMPUTRON, Haltom City, Texas, has identified more than 1,200 acupuncture points by means of a COMPUTRON (Electrodermal Screening Device). Most of these acupuncture points are related to one, or more than one meridian. They can be used as a means for diagnosis and treatment therapy for specific disease.

Chi is everywhere. How can you feel Chi immediately?

Through palm, finger and limb movement, breathing and visulaization, you shall feel powerful Chi frequency.

Chi Vibration Techniques:

  • Clap the hands 12 times; then,
    Step 1 close your plam in a worship posture -palm to palm, finger to finger corresponding each other.
    Step 2 slowly apart left palm and fingers from right one for 6 inches for 6 seconds.
    Step 3 feel the Chi flowing as electrical pulse at the space between two palms and the finger tips.
    Practice Step 1 through Step 3 a number of times. You shall feel more Chi between palms and finger tips.
  • Palms closed in a worship posture while sitting.
    Visiualize that light energy from the heaven flowing down into your palms, gradually spread into the tip of each finger causing gentle vibration. It may take 2 to 10 minutes for the palms and finger tips to be filled up with Chi (light energy), turning gentle vibration to stronger vibration. As Chi energy beween palms gets stronger and stronger, it would cause the shoulder-neck-head, down to the spinal cord, sacral-hip-knee and foot to shake violently. Then, the whole body would shake violently, yet relaxed as Chi is continually balooned through the cells. You shall feel so relaxed that you just enjoy the body keeps shaking intrinsically and involuntary as the Chi flows through the whole system.
  • In a sitting position, raise the right index finger above the head. Visulaize light energy as an axis from the heaven into the top of your head, down to your chest, stomach and colon region. As you draw the cycle with the index finger clockwisely, the axis is swung clockwisely rapidly. Gradually, you shall feel pressure and gas being released from the colon that would facilitate the bowel movement. Practice before breakfast and one hour before bedtime to regulate the elimination and induce deep sleep.
  • Breathe out first as much as you can; then, breathe in.
    As breathing in (inhalation), visualize that Chi energy is moving up from the perineum (mid-point between genital organ and anus) to the sacrum, along the spinal cord up to the neck, occipital bone, top of the head and flow down to the nose where you stop inhalation and begin initite exhalation.
    As breathing out (exhalation), you visualize the Chi energy is flowing down from the nose to the heart, stomach and the Dan-Tien (abdomen region, 3 inches below the belly button) where the potential aggregate Chi energy is stored and crystallized.
    To practice such breathing exercise for a number of years, a tiny rolling crystal beards(s)
    (start with tiny crystal particles. As crystal Chi particles are packed and compressed for a number of years, they become solid rolling crystal beards formed in the abdomen region -able to move up and down in the body, warm and light up various part of the body.

    It proves that the Matter and Energy are interexchangeable according to Albert Eistein – kinetic energy or force can be converted to potential Chi. As potential Chi is converged, packed and compressed, it can be converted back to solid crystal beard (mattter).

  • Through the sun ray feasting on sunrise or sunset by gazing the sunray. For instructions to practice sunrise or sunset Chi-Qong exercise, you may view

How to Build-Up, Nourish and Store the Life Vital Energy-Chi

Drink Chinese Rock water, enrich with trace minerals
Practice Three-Vital-Chi-Points Chi-Qong exercises
Practice various Chi-Qong breathing exercises to build-up Chi for a specific organ and the immune system.

Chi- Enhancement Program

A.  Through Diet Change, Exercise, Lifestyle Change and Therapy

Unload your heart and go to bed before 9:30 p.m.

Eat lots of fresh vegetables and minimize the red meat in your daily diet

Vegetable Blending: 4 organic carrots, 1 green apple, 3 stalks of celery, 1/2 lime with peel, 1/8 teaspoon of Chinese Rock Salt, 1 cup of almond milk (original with no sugar) Drink 1-2 cups before breakfast and before supper. For those who have cold hands/feet, you may add 1 cup of Chinese hot peppers or Jalopino hot pepper (use cooking utensil to boil 1/2 pound of hot peppers with 3 cups of water first; then, low boil for 15 minutes).

Read Spiritual Books and pray unceasingly

Practice Sun-Ray Feast Chi-Qong at sun-rise or sunset

Practice Tiger Rising-Up Push-Up (50 times or more) 2-3 times daily

Practice Anus Contraction exercise with index fingers pointing to the sky while crossing the rest of fingers

Lotus Sitting & Breathing & Shaking Exercise

Blood Clotting Removal by acupuncture therapy

Michelle Taylor’s Energy Infusion Therapy

Soak the feet with the hot water, 3 TBLS of Epsom Salt, 3 drops of concentrated lavender oil for 20 minutes at 8:00 p.m. and go to bed before or by 9:30 p.m.

Healthy sex life – no more than 2 times a week.

B.  Nutrition, Food Supplements & Prescription

Take measures to taper down and gradually taper off the prescription drugs

Magnesium Malate – 1,000 mg each time before breakfast and one hour before bedtime. (When having loose bowel or diarrhea, stop taking it or reduce the dosage to 500 mg daily)

Vitamin E – 800 to 1,200 I.U each time before each meal

Ear 1-2 slices (1/4 inch thick) of processed ginger root by rice vinegar

Zinc – follow the recommendation of healthcare professionals.

Chinese Rock Salt for drink and cooking

Black Sesame Powder

Primary meal: brown rice, oatmeal, almond milk, fresh vegetables, and ranch raised chicken, turkey.

Fruits: lime with peel, green apples, apricots, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, papaya, pears, grapefruits, peaches, some cherries, some grapes with seeds, pomegranates, and cantaloupe

Deep Ocean fish such as salmon, bass

Taboo Foods:

No Mango fruit

No genetically modified food

No sugar food

No Cow milk and cheese

No soda pops or any drink with high sugar content

No greasy, deep-fried food

No coffee and/or green tea

No alcohol, no wine, liquor and beer

No shrimp, no shell fish

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