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Efficacy of Acupuncture Meridian

  • A Key to Unlock The Myth and Identify The Root Causes of A Complex Health Issue
  • A Means to Heal the Chronic Disease with Resonant Vibration Frequency
  • Lead You To Be The Best Doctor of Your Own To Heal Thyself

Part I

Along with inventions like the compass, dynamite and printing, the ancient Chinese also discovered the vital life force (Chi) flowing in fourteen Acupuncture Meridians and points. Traditional Chinese Medicine is uniquely founded on Meridian Theory (TCM).

The essence of Acupuncture Meridian is collagen fiber, one of major structural protein molecules, building block of connective tissue, along with elastin, which is highly sensitive to sound wave, light frequency, electromagnetic wave, electricity and color.

It is invisible; however, it flows as a river for dispensing life vital force throughout the whole body; it is interwoven with nerves, lymph nodes, blood vessels, capillaries, organs, tissues and ganglions. Just as a six-lane freeway with many entrances and exits; every Acupuncture Meridian has many acupuncture points where abundant life force (Chi frequency) is converged due to the skin electrical impedance being lower than it is in the surrounding areas.

Not only stainless steel needles but also herbs, massaging (Tui-Na – push and pull), tapping, sun-light gazing, Rife frequency machine, whether separately or combined, are intended to open up life flow to do away with blockages, to recharge drained areas and relieve the pain.

For example, tapping, or massaging, a certain acupuncture point, say a painful shoulder blade would stimulate the life force within the Urinary Bladder Meridian. In turn, it would simultaneously reduce the regional electrical impedance from 1,000 millivolt (mv) to 60 mv and immediately would relieve the neck and shoulder pain.
1 millivolt = 0.001 volt

While standing upright, sitting down or lying down, your body is connected via electromagnetic waves with the heaven (positive charged electricity), the earth and under the earth (negative charged electricity).

It remains incredible that these discoveries of an invisible force date to about 5,000 years ago. Even today they can only be detected by a specialized system, like the Gas Discharged high frequency camera. Such modern research has confirmed that Meridian pathways are interwoven with connective tissues, blood vessels, sympathetic-parasympathetic nerve cells, lymphatic nodes, organs and every side of the body as a powerful energetic network.

The fourteen Meridians are able to regulate EKG (Electromagnetic Cardiac Graph), EEG, EMG by sending electromagnetic pulses as a means to regulate heartbeat, brain wave and muscular function.

Upon inserting a needle on an acupuncture point, this entire Meridian network is able to be accessed and rippled through the system loop. As a result, acupuncture treatment can rapidly achieve the following:

1. Melt down the lipids embedded in the blood vessel walls

The Cell membrane of blood vessel is made of fat.

Digestive system disorders
Toothache, gum bleeding, post-extraction pain, gingivitis, canker sores (mouth blister), hiccough, spasms of the esophagus, gastric and duodenum ulcers, gastric hyperacidity, gastritis, heartburn, hiatus hernia syndrome, flatulence, paralytic ileums, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, liver and gall bladder disorders, and weight control.

Uro-genital disorders
Cystitis, prostatitis, orchitis, low sexual vitality, urinary retention, nocturnal enuresis, neurogenic bladder dysfunction, and kidney disorders.

Gynecological and obstetric disorders
Premenstrual tension, painful, heavy or irregular, or absence of periods, abnormal uterine, bleeding or discharge, hormonal disturbances, post menopausal syndromes such as hot flashes, hair loss and mood swing, prolapse of the uterus or bladder, difficulty with constipation, and morning sickness (Zhong-Wan point at Conception Meridian).

Skin Condition
Eczema, dermatitis, persistent itching, psoriasis, nerve rash, herpes zoster, acne, scar tissues, resultant adhesions, hair loss and dandruff.

Eye Conditions
Visual disorders, red eye (fire eye), sore, itchy or watery eye, conjunctivitis, simple cataracts, eye pain, myopia in children, glaucoma, central retinitis, and double vision.

Musculoskeletal disorders
Osteoarthritis, lumbago, weak back, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tenosynovitis, aneurysm (dilation of artery or vein), neck and shoulder pain, cervicobrachial syndrome, “frozen shoulder”, and “tennis elbow”.

Sporting Injuries
Sprained ankles and knees, cartilage problems, corking and tearing of muscles, and torn ligaments and bruises.

Psychological conditions
Depression, phobia, panic attack, emotional disturbances, anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholic addiction, smoking addiction, drug withdraw syndrome.

In an official report:
Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials, the WHO (World Health Organization) has listed the following symptoms, diseases and conditions that have been shown through controlled trials to be treated effectively by acupuncture:

  • Overweight
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Pain Syndrome
  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • sciatica
  • tennis elbow
  • knee pain
  • periarthritis of the shoulder
  • sprains
  • facial pain (including craniomandibular disorders)
  • headache
  • dental pain
  • temperomandibular (TMJ) dysfunction
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • induction of labor
  • correction of malposition of fetus (breech presentation)
  • morning sickness (massage Zong-Wan point)
  • postoperative pain
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • renal colic
  • Leucopenia
  • Adverse reactions to radiation or chemotherapy
  • Allergic rhinitis, including hay fever
  • Biliary colic
  • Acute bacillary dysentery
  • Primary dysmenorrhea
  • Acute epigastralgia
  • Peptic ulcer
  • Acute and chronic gastritis

Syndromes Related to each Meridian

Syndrome Related to Urinary Bladder (UB) Meridian
UB meridian is like cold-water. The patient with UB problem tends to be sensitive to cold or catch cold easily, suffer with allergies, nasal drainage all year round.

UB meridian is located on the most superior stratum of the body among all the other meridians as a fence of a house; therefore, it always gets attacked first as the external pathogenic factors such as cold wind, flu, mercury vapors, dust, allergens, chemical toxins initially ambush on the skin pores for few days; then penetrate into UB meridian pathway. Upon invading into the UB meridian, you shall feel feverish inside but chilled inside (battle is raging on between white blood cells and pathogens), sore and achy all over the body and shut down your energy.

Unknown disease could be attributable to UB meridian, headache, occipital pain, eye pain (eyeball is so painful as it almost comes out) stiff neck, cervical pain, spinal pain, lumbar pain, can not squat or bend the knee, coronary disease, irregular blood supply to each organ due to dysfunction of sympathetic nerve chain which consists of many ganglions, each of which regulates the dilation and contraction of blood vessels for its adjacent organs dynamically to echo the blood dispensing from the heart. The function of ganglion goes far beyond that of adrenalin, which only regulates the calcium ion and urine excretion volume of the kidney

Vital UB acupuncture points:
Eye-Bright acupuncture point for eye disease and hiccup (attributable to cold stomach); Eight-Naw and Wei-Zhong acupuncture points for lumbar and sacral pain
Chen-Sun point for leg or calf muscle, Tibia nerve spasm.

Yang-Ming System filled with abundant blood and vital life force; it consists of Stomach Meridian and Large Intestine Meridian
Syndrome Related to Gall Bladder (GB) Meridian
Bitter taste, mouth odor, incline to sighing, signing Foggy eyes, dusty face, lackluster skin, migraine headache, shoulder pain, auxiliary/prostrate/clavicle inflammation/pain, cold tremor while sweating, sciatic/fibula pain/ankle pain or numbness, joint pain all over the body, ear ringing (tinnitus), irritation, rib cage pain on the right side, food allergies, sluggish food absorption, skin rashes, amber color urine, sizeable neck.

Vital GB acupuncture point:
Shoulder Wells point for tooth pain and shoulder pain
Yang-Li Spring point for chronic cholecystitis, acid reflux.


Syndrome Related to Triple Warmer (TW) Meridian
Triple Warmer Meridian functions as a hinge of a door. The pathogens hidden in the deep part of body such as stomach, large intestine, liver and kidney would be cast out by TW meridian as it is opened. All ear related disease such as tinnitus, hearing loss, reduce fish tail crease at the end of each eye, eye pain, constipation, palsies, rib cage pain, fell-pillow syndrome.

Vital TW acupuncture point:
Zhi-Gou point for constipation;
Yi-Fund, Ear-Gate point for ear disease;
Jian-Naw for raising up the arm.


Syndrome Related to Stomach (ST) Meridian

Sensitive to heat; love air conditioning and fan
Profuse sweat after a little physical work; low tolerance of dehydration
Frontal headache; lower tooth pain
Nasal bleeding; thick nasal drainage
Get hungry easily after all-you-can-eat
Gastric distension
Knee pain with inflammation
Breast pain, plantar fasciitis, third toe pain
Sluggish Smelling

Vital Stomach acupuncture point:
ST 36 point for vitality; Tian-Shu point for diarrhea and constipation; Four-white point for aging spots, facial aesthetics


Syndrome Related to Large Intestine (LI) Meridian
Shoulder-upper arm pain, upper teeth pain, dry tongue-mouth, dry skin, dry hair, hair loss, dry eye, yellowish sclera, nasal bleeding, nasal drainage, acne, hoarse and sore throat due to LI fire, Insomnia, burning heat, IBS (Irritated Bowel Syndrome), ear infection, constipation.

Vital LI acupuncture point:
LI 4 for CNS related syndrome, immunity enhancement, deep sleep
LI 11 for relieving the heat and constipation
Welcome-Fragrance point for nasal issues


Syndrome Related to Small Intestine (SI) Meridian
The internal fire ambushed the Small Intestine Meridian is the culprit of canker sores (mouth blisters), testicle pain, pain on the tip of tongue. Drink bamboo and lotus tea or green Maung Bean rice soup would release the SI fire from the urine.

Vital SI acupuncture points:
Hou-Xi point for acute lumbar pain, stiff neck
Jian-Zhen point for frozen shoulder
Tiny Sea point for pinkie cramp
Ting-Qong for sub-mandibula dislocation, TMJ pain and tinnitus.


Syndrome related to Liver (LV) Meridian:
Fatigue, insomnia, disrupted sleep, neck/shoulder pain, irregular bowel movement (constipation and diarrhea in rotation), gastric distension (bloated stomach, get stuffy easily), high cholesterol/triglyceride/LDL, low pH (acidic body), uremia due to excessive liver fire, vertigo, nausea, no urine,
Rash, itch or dry skin, poor vision, rigidity, clumsy, split, thin or warp nails, irritation/frustration/impatience, high blood pressure, and biochemical imbalance such as gluconeogensis, glycolysis (breakdown glucose not requiring oxygen) causing excessive acid build-up.

Vital LV acupuncture points:
Tai-Chung point for releasing anger and induce deep sleep
Chi-Men Point for a variety of Hepatitis (fatigue, nausea, no appetite and feel burning hot within), fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver infarction.
Xing-Jen point for better appetite, fatty liver and cirrhosis


Syndrome related to Kidney Meridian
sluggish venous blood circulation (kidney-heart excommunication), lumbar-sacrum-knee-leg-foot pain, osteoporosis, hearing loss, hair loss, frequent urination due to high nerve tension or loose bladder.

Vital Kidney Acupuncture points:
K1 (Gushing fountain), Xan-Gu, Shing-Sea, Tai-Xi, Wung-Liu


Syndrome related to Spleen (SP) Meridian
Mind racing, gastric distension, look pale, bleeding attributable to excessive heat or inadequate Spleen Chi (purpura, varicose veins, excessive saliva, and diarrhea), PMS.
Pain from abdominal through groin and femoral region. Pain on the left side of rib cage, weak heart-chi (sluggish cardiac output), early menopausal symptoms or irregular menstruation, thick blood due to inadequate excretion of estrogen, fatigue, vertigo, migraine headache, allergies all year around, and low platelets.

Vital SP Acupuncture points:
Tai-Bai point for sluggish appetite, diarrhea, gastric distension and fatigue.
San-Yi-Yao point for women’s health such as abdominal cramp prior to menstruation, irregular menstruation, hot flashes and so on.
Yin-Lin fountain point for incontinence
Blood-Sea point for boils, abscess, internal toxins, rashes, and thick blood.


Q. What are the acupuncture points for relieving the fear, nerve tension, epilepsy and headache?

A:  Any physical treatment is futile if the long suppressed emotions in the heart, stomach, abdomen and sacrum region are not released. The following acupuncture points are effective to release the fear, nerve tension: Tai-Xi point(Kidney 3), Tai-Cung point ( 1 inch above the apex of the ear, Gall Baldder M.), Ling-Gou point is 1 inch above the LI 4 – Her-Gou Point, SP 6.


Q. What are the acupuncture points for regular health maintenance and immediate relaxation?

A: acupressure or tap Her-Gu point (LI 4), An-Ming point at the bottom of the feet, Da-Ying point (at the either side of thyroid – Stomach M.),
Yin-Toung point (third-eye) of Du-Meridian.

Breathe with Belly, not with chest – breath air slowly into the belly, perceiving the belly as a balloon gradually filled with air as you breathe in. When you can not breathe in further, hold the breath for 3 seconds, then, breathe out all the air in the belly abruptly. Repeat it for 5 minutes.

Yoga – perform Bridge posture (use your two arms and two feet as pillars to lift the body off the ground as a rainbow for 5 minutes.

Yoga – while in a sitting position, straighten out the feet (do not bend the feet); then, bend the upper b ody toward the feet until the tips of fingers are able to hold the tips of the toes (2-5 minutes).

Dr. Ging’s Three-Sword Exercise I and III and VIII

  •  Acupressure the points around the eye: the middle of the eye brow, the tail of the eye brow and intersection point of eye lid and upper nose.
  • While massaging the back of the ear counter-clockwise perceiving the mid-point of the ear is massaged into the external ear canal and cochlea. (2 minutes)
  • acupressure ST 36 and SP 6
  • tap the teeth and comb the hair with the tips of the fingers to prevent alzheimer or short memory loss.
  • wash your face with the palms after shuffling the palms 27 times or until it is warm
  • Tap the Stomach meridian from the under eye-lid points to the neck point, the nipple point, sternum point and ST36.

Q. What are the acupuncture points for eye disease such as cataract, double vision, near-sighted, glaucoma, eye pain, eye-lid drooping?

A: Massage the bottom of the feet, Kidney Point 1 while acupressuring the upper eye-lid, Eye-bright point (at the bridge of nose and the inner corner of the eye).
Acupressure Four-White point and all the acupuncture points of Stomach Meridian (M).

Massage Eye-Bright point (at the bridge of nose and the inner corner of the eye), Zhan-Chu point (at the beginning of eye brow and upper nose) of Urinary Bladder Meridian.

Gwon-Ming Point of (Gall Bladder M.)

Nau-Kong (under the occipital point)


Q. What diseases can be effectively treated by Acupuncture and Meridian Massage with hand tapping, moxa, tooth pick or cigarette?


  1. Most of chronic diseases: Chronic fatigue, chronic cough, chronic arthritis, fibromyalgia, sleep disorder, depression, panic attack, allergies, Migraine headache, infertility, skin rashes, and psoriasis.
  2. Pain symptoms: Arthritic pain, chest pain, lumbar pain, sciatic pain, neck pain, headache, knee pain, foot pain, Tennis Elbow, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  3. Drug addiction: Quit smoking, alleviate drug withdrawal syndromes.
  4. Weight Control
    Overweight is normally attributable to the following underlying root causes:
    a. Sleep disorder such as sleep-apnea, disrupted sleep, shallow sleep
    b. Emotional stress such as anger, frustraton, fear, anxiety and grief.
    c. Mind racing causing spleen deficiency and food stagnancy
    d. Stomach disorder due to poor eating habit and sleep disorder Hormonal imbalance
    Tap the Liver Meridian to relieve emotional stress
    Tap the Spleen Meridian to bring hormone such as estrogen back to equilibrium
    Tap the Stomach and Spleen Meridian would help reduce the appetite and enhance food assimilation
  5. Depression
    a. Tap the Dan-Zhong point and Tan-Tzi and Qun-Lung point
    b. And all the acupuncture points along with the Heart Meridian would relieve the Depression syndrome.
    c. Panic attack, phobia, Autism, ADD/ADHD
  6. Heart Fibrillation/palpitation
    a. Close your right five fingers as a claw against the left Heart 1 point, 1 inch before the auxiliary (armpit). You shall feel soreness or pain for 3 minutes, 3 times daily
    b. Massage Pericardium Nei-Guan Point, 2 inches (2nd, 3rd, 4th fingers together) from the wrist along the Median Nerve for 3 minutes, 3 times daily.
  7. Hypertension
    a. Tap LI 4 and ST 36 and all the acupuncture points of the Liver Meridian and Kidney Meridian in the legs area would gradually balance the blood pressure.
    b. Pull the muscles on the back of the neck also would help the blood pressure.
    c. Massage the deep ditch on the upper back of the ear for 30 minutes
  8. Anxiety
    a. massage the Heart M. 1 – Shaw-Chung point and Pericardium M. 1 – Zhong-chung point, tap the whole Heart Meridian (M) for 15 minutes to stabilize the emotion and bring the peace back to your heart.
    b. Massage Kidney M. 1
    c. Massage the big toe which is connected with the brain.
  9. Male potency and urology Health
    a. tap the kidney Meridian (M.) and Liver M.
    b. Massage the reflux region of Kidney in the medial side of Tibial bone, located near the Acupuncture point, Spleen 6.
    c. massage the Di-Shen point, located at the middle of wrist.
    d. Massage Life-Gate at the lumbar area
    e. Stimulate the first joint of pinkie finger (connected with kidney and adrenal gland) and ring finger (connected with the liver) for 5 minutes.
  10. Diabetes
    a. For those patients who are hypo (feel weak and get tired easily or), tap Kidney Meridian.
    b. Massage the reflux region of Spleen and Panceas, located at medial side, upper section of Tibula bone. Massage for 30 minutes per session.
    c. For those who are get hungry easily after a big meal (stomach on fire), tap the stomach M.
    d. For those patients who are always hyper (high blood pressure, easily lose temper, impatient, irritated, frustrated), tap the Liver and Gall Bladder M.

  11. Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Anal Problem
    Tap and/or pull the reflux region of anus located at the medial side of Tibia bone and internal ankle.
  12. Prevention of Breast Cancer
    Tap or acupressure the dorsal side of the foot, round region from 2nd, 3rd and 4th toes up 3 inches toward the plantar
  13. Live a life with tranquil mind and quiet spirit
  14. No alcoholic drink, deep-fry, greasy, spicy foods, no sugar foods. Fresh vegetables are the primary meal, which can relieve the blood sugar load during unceasing blood circulation (180 times per hour, 3 times per minute).
  15. Do not take violent aerobic exercise
  16. Dr. Ging’s liver balancer Formula or Gall Bladder formula would help balance the blood sugar and improve the functional strength of Liver and Gall Bladder.
  17. Take a walk for 20 minutes after each meal. Do not sit down nor lie down shortly after a meal.
  18. Chronic Fatigue
    Chronic fatigue is related to the high electrical impedance in the stomach and liver meridian. When electrical impedance in a meridian starts increasing, the electrical current becomes weaker as a light bulb becomes dimmer. Upon reducing the electrical impedance by taping the Stomach 36 point or Stomach M, the tendon, muscle and bones would be energized due to the Meridian blockage is removed.
  19. Stomach Disorder
    Massage the stomach with overlapping palms clockwise around the navel for 5 minutes. 4-5 times daily.
    Massage the reflux region of Liver-Gall Bladder, Stomach, Small intestine, Appendix (enhance the large intestine to reabsorb the nutrition and water) and Large Intestine located at the lateral side of the leg.
  20. Tinnitus (noise in the ears)
    Cover the ear and massage the back of the ear counter clockwise for two minutes, 3 times daily.
  21. Seasonal, Morning or Year-Around Allergies
    a. Chinese Rock Salt
    b. Taper off the sugar foods, greasy foods and any alcohol drink
    c. Go to bed by or before 9:00 p.m.
    d. Calcium supplement and Magnesium Chloride before breakfast
    e. Magnesium Malate one hour before bedtime
    f. Regular exercise
  22. Hair Loss or gray/white Hair
    a. Go to bed by or before 9:30 p.m.
    b. Black Sesame powder
    c. Acupressure the Fu-Bai Point (behind the upper ear, Gall Bladder M.) for 3 three minutes
  23. Vertebrae protrusion, Scoliosis, Lumbar decompression or Osteoporosis
    a. It is attributable to the long laborious toil work depleting the blood and Chi. As a result, chronic fatigue, blood clots, liver and kidney Meridian blockage crept in.
    b. Tap the Kidney Meridian and Acupressure Kidney point 1 (gushing fountain);
    c. Massage the reflex region of spinal cord located at

    the medial side of Tibula bone. Massaging this region, it would help neck/thoracic pain, lumbago, sciatic pain.
    d. Soak the feet with the hot water and Epsom salt 2-3 times daily to promote the blood circulation and warm up meridians, chill the cold as a means to prevent the blood clot.
    e. Take Bai-Zhu tea to heal the Achilles Pain and tap the Spleen Meridian.
    f. Walking can help the synovia in the joint push out to the cartilage to slow down the deformation of the joint.
    g. Constipation
    h. Use the finger to spin clockwise to facilitate the bowel movement.

Five Elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Tree and Metal

Essence of Healing
Fire and Water are origin and initiator of life; they are two main pillars upholding the whole structure of the Five Elements. When Fire and Water are in romance (love and submissive to each other), the body is disease free and the other three elements spontaneously would be back to equilibrium since Tree can not function without light, fire, and water; Metal (minerals) is closely associated with ocean and lake water; earth is the biggest drinker of the rain water and storage of volcano and sunlight fire.
Although Fire and Water are opposite each other they can not be independent of each other. Fire is hot, always fires up; without water, the earth becomes desert. Water is cold, always flows down; without fire, the body is obesity like a water ball. Water is able to conquer excessive Fire heat while Fire is able to heat up excessive chilled Water, making water distilled, evaporated and gasified to the air and sky.

Fire and Water seemingly are against each other; however, they can be as a couple in love, complementing and mingling each other for mutuality.

Dampness is the number one culprit of ninety percent of symptoms and diseases due to the disharmony of Fire and Water. If earth is dampened with stagnant water, it makes the earth cumbersome. Swamp vividly portrays the characteristics of dampness which breeds the environment for mosquitoes, bacteria-fungus-virus-parasites, worms and/or microbes growth.

Disease related to Dampness consists of:

I. Damp Heat
Burning pain, overweight, edema, fatigue, fungal (toasted) nails, difficult to pull the muscles of the neck and shoulder, short breath/asthma, foggy/heavy head, thirsty but not desire to drink, short memory loss, allergies, Candida (yeast infection), acne, amber color urine, food allergies, nausea frequently, Celiac disease, PMS, blood clotting, excessive discharge during menstruation, abdominal cramp, profuse sweat, gall bladder stone, kidney stone, water eyes, ear infection, persistent itching, diarrhea and constipation in rotation, sticky and defensive foul odor stool, armpit odor, athlete foot, gastric distension, gall bladder disorder, cancer, leukemia, and arthritis.

II. Damp cold
Look pale or greenish, diarrhea, greenish look stool, pinch pain, leg/abdominal cramp, diarrhea, feel cold all the time, fatigue, eat little, Varicose veins, blood clotting, easy to catch cold, allergies, and heart palpitation.

Sugar foods, liquor-wine-beer-alcoholic drink, deep-fry and greasy food, cow dairy and excessive red meat, excessive sex life, angry, in-a-rush are the culprits producing pathogenic dampness which is the number one enemy causing numerous diseases.

Antidote of Damp related diseases:

a. Millet or Yi-Mi (50%), red beans (30 %), and 8 pieces of bright red Jujube (Chinese red dates) and black beans (20%);

b. Massage Kidney 1 point (bottom of gushing wells) at the bottom of feet and GB Jen-Jing acupuncture point (opening of gushing wells);

c. Pull, push and knead the spinal cord from top-down. For baby, massage from bottom-up.

d. Pull and squeeze, then relax the shoulder (Jen-Jing acupuncture point) for 5 minutes.

e. Tap the lateral side of the thigh-leg with hollow fist.

f. Soak the feet with the hot water and 3 table spoons of Epsom salt for 20 minutes at 8:00 p.m. and/or early afternoon

g. Pat or tap with hollow fist with palms on lumbar and navel.

h. Bump the trunk of tree with the navel.

i. Dr. Ging’s Panacea Formula for Damp Cold or Gall Bladder Formula for Damp Heat and Chinese rock salt and vinegar.

j. No alcoholic drink, pops; no sugar foods; no cow dairy; no deep-fry and greasy food; No shell fish, no shrimp/lobster; no mango and li-Chi fruit.

k. Do eat lots of brown rice, millet, oat meal, fresh vegetables, moderate red meat, moderate low-sugar fruits such as blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, lime, green apple, apricot, papaya, deep ocean fish, organic chicken, poached egg (not hot boiled or scrambled egg), rice milk, original almond milk. You may use honey or stevia for sweetness.

l. Add 1 tsp of vinegar to the soup or food you partake.

m. Drink chamomile or Chrysanthemum tea with some licorice.

n. Gazing dawning sunlight in the early morning before 7:30 p.m. or sunset after 8:00 p.m. during the summer.

o. Do not sit or lie too long. Every 1.5 hour, you need to get out of your chair to swing your pelvic, lumbar area with two hands grabbing the waist or stretching out two hands as an eagle stretching the wings, then, put the pressure on the lumbar as your wings.

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