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Michael H.

WOW, I believe a definite miracle has taken place with the shift that has happened in my body. This is huge. I think that 3 hr session yesterday was able to shut off the chronic adrenaline fire that was burning on the inside of my body. I have a feeling of inner relaxation I have not had for 25 yrs, when I had set the goal to go to law school. I knew it was a huge undertaking to get into law school and make it through, and my adrenaline kicked in. My body burned out 5 yrs later after graduating, but I don’t think I was ever able to turn that adrenaline fire off. Now that it is off, I know what it feels like to not have it burning.

Dr. Ging told me at the start that my brain and my body were racing on the inside. I told him I did not feel it, and he said it was because it had been going on for so long. He was right. Now that I can see how it feels to have it switched off, it is a huge difference. He said I was a tall big man but inside hollow, and that is exactly how I felt. There was no energy on the inside. Martine described it as “depleted” and that is accurate too.

Now that the adrenaline is switched off, I also feel an energy I have not had for 20 yrs, since the crash. Now I have energy and I know I can recharge and regain my energy. When that adrenaline fire was always flowing, I could never catch up, the energy was gone and I could feel it massively. Now things are completely different. That session shifted things and shut off that fire, so now I can rebuild. It FEELS SO GOOD!

I am so grateful and so thankful, to Father, to you and to Dr. Ging. This is life changing and the reset I really needed. Even at $900 it is worth every penny. Thank you for listening to Father and making this possible. The whole time Christopher was working on me I was silently praying, “Father please show him what to do.” Father did, and now I am changed.

Last night I slept till 3:30 am and had NO sweats. I was then unable to go back to sleep for 1.5 hrs but I was thanking Father because I felt so good. Then I fell asleep for 2.5 hrs and had just a small amount of sweating. Also, my nasal passages have remained open. There were times in the night when one side or the other would get clogged up, but then they would clear again, just like when Dr. Ging was working on me.

Also, I did take a look at the raw video footage and the sound and the lighting came through very good, so I think we will have an excellent video of the teaching and demonstrations Dr. Ging shared with us the other night.

All Praise to Heavenly Father!!! This is a new episode in my life, and a huge turning point. I AM AMAZED!

Michael H.

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