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Maria S.

I’d like to thank Dr. Ging for helping me with my anemia due to my celiac. A few years ago, I had a blood transfusion from blood loss. I could not walk across the floor without losing my breath. After I was released from the hospital, I was told to see my medical doctor. They found no reason for my blood loss, so I was given blood and released. All my tests came back normal, but I continued to have blood loss. I was given medication to stop my abnormal bleeding, but the medications also had side effects.

After a year and a half of taking medication, I saw a Functional Medicine medical doctor, he performed other tests and found that I had antibodies in my blood for gluten. He said it would take two years minimum to recover. But only if I completely stayed away from gluten. Gluten is in everything! He told me to throw away my makeup, check my shampoo, hair color and buy all new products which were safe, which I did. But, I still did not feel like I did before.

When I met Dr. Ging, he helped me slowly get off the medications. By the way, I was given the wrong prescriptions once, which again caused more problems. After his treatments, I no longer take any medications and am enjoying good health again. I am happy and have joy in my life and feel healthy again. Thank you Dr. Ging!

Maria S.

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