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Jody O.

Dr. Christopher Ging, Oriental Medicine doctor, saw me Saturday. Unlike my Western primary doc and surgeon, he actually treated my injuries. With acupuncture and cupping he released the stagnate and infected blood that had coagulated inside my knee apparent in hard purple bruises. While mildly uncomfortable, the swelling was reduced 90 percent and the heat of the inflammation gone.

Dr. Ging then joked with me that he was going to give me a massage. Holding my foot and ankle with gentle traction he allowed my limb to align itself. That accomplished, he began to manipulate my foot. We laughed at the endless adjustment “pops”. Then he maneuvered my entire leg, foot and hip through their respective ranges of movement. My western docs told me not to bend my knee. In the second round of movement, my knee joint “clicked” into place. The pain and pressure evaporated in that moment. Dr. Ging said, “There.” He told me I would not need my crutches and he was right. Holding my hands to support me as I tentatively lowered my weight from the table to my feet on the floor, I discovered that I could stand unassisted. Unlike the direction from my Western medical folk to rest, Dr. Ging told me to exercise. Life is movement. Move.

I walked meditatively for a long while this morning full of gratitude to have Dr. Ging as a resource in my life and wonder for the powerful inherent impulse of my body to heal itself. I’m ecstatic to have a doctor who understands this, listens and has skills to enhance vitality.

Dr. Christopher Ging is the real thing!

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