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Jana Y.

Dr Ging gave me my life back!!! After suffering through 14 years of Chronic Fatigue, one two hour session with Dr. Ging, made it go away! I am still stunned and amazed by the fabulous results he got by ‘tuning up my central nervous system’ and I will be eternally grateful.

Searching for 14 years for a cause/cure of the CFS and feeling it rapidly worsen, left me frightened and depressed. It was becoming increasingly difficult to drive because I knew my cognitive skills were waning and I wasn’t able to drive more than 5 miles without some “help” from a 5-hour energy drink or half of an aderall – both had side effects and I felt certain they were not good for my body/mind.

I had been to numerous doctors and tried several treatments, but nothing gave me my energy back. Dr. Ging immediately diagnosed me correctly, as being an “adrenal person”. I had taken three separate saliva tests for adrenal issues prior, over a span of 2 years – the first two came back as “adrenal fatigue” and the last said I had “adrenal exhaustion”. He could also tell I had a racing mind that wouldn’t let me sleep at night and I was cold all the time.

The day after my treatment from Dr. Ging, I cleaned my entire house before 3pm. This was entirely unheard of simply because that amount of work would have taken 2-3 days to accomplish. There have been numerous similar instances since. I am delighted to finally be getting things accomplished without feeling completely drained, before, during and afterwards!

I no longer need daytime naps, sleep better and oddly enough, breathe better. I am not sure how it happened, but my lung capacity seems larger and my lungs feel clearer. I also have a much better attitude and my depression is gone – not sure if that’s because of his treatment (most likely) or because I’m elated to have my energy back and be a “normal” human being again.

I’m not one to fall for “placebo” effects (as nice as that would be) because the fatigue (aka: fog) was so pronounced and all-encompassing, so I was never able to “trick” it.

I am a firm believer that Dr. Ging’s treatment has effectively “corrected” whatever was causing my Chronic Fatigue. I cannot recommend his services highly enough!!

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